Aircraft Mechanic

This position is closed. 5/17/2013 12:00:00 AM


Department of the Air Force


Aircraft Mechanic

Announcement Number:


Job Series/Grade:

WG-12 to 12

Salary Range:

$49,858 to $58,186

Open Dates:

04/24/2013 to 05/17/2013

Who May Apply:

US Citizens and Status Candidates

Appointment Duration:


Brief Description:

DUTIES: Back to top DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Directs, monitors or performs overall maintenance, servicing, inspections and documentation for one or more aircraft. Serves as the technical authority to advise on, inspect and approve all airframe, mechanical, electrical/environmental, avionics, engine and pneudraulic repairs on assigned aircraft. Ensures aircraft documentation and Maintenance Information Systems (MIS) accurately reflect the airworthiness of the Aircraft. Performs in-process a

Job Series:


  • Fixed wing aircraft components and maintenance procedures.
  • Perform diversified work with tools and equipment, requiring extreme caution in maintaining close dimensions.
  • Diagnose trouble and determine remedy where overall detailed knowledge of all systems of fixed wing aircraft is required.
  • Inspect aircraft, determine mechanical deficiencies and analyze results.
  • Interpret instructional materials, schematics and specifications for complex mechanical problems on assigned fixed wing aircraft.
  • Use the full range of complex test and measuring instruments and analyze results.
  • Perform air worthiness inspections.
  • Meet deadlines.
  • Planning and organizing work of an aircraft shop.
  • Aircraft repair functions of fixed wing aircraft.
  • Troubleshoot malfunctions and problems, and determine the extent of repairs and involvement of others in expediting return to combat ready status.
  • Resolving problems and devising solutions when aircraft are not at home station.
  • Makeup, organization, installation and adjustment of major interrelated and/or integrated aircraft systems, subsystems, and assemblies.
  • 18 months experience in combined PR/BPO, thru-flight, and BPO Inspections of 15 Aircraft.
  • Troubleshooting, maintaining, servicing and modifying 15 installed equipment and related ground support equipment.