Budget Analyst

This position is closed. 9/25/2013 12:00:00 AM


Department of the Army


Budget Analysis

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Job Series/Grade:

GS-0560-11 to 11

Salary Range:

$57,408 to $74,628

Open Dates:

09/12/2013 to 09/25/2013

Who May Apply:

Status Candidates (Merit Promotion and VEOA Eligibles)

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Brief Description:

About the Position: In this position you will be responsible for planning, developing, and executing the completely reimbursable Defense Cooperation Agreement (DCA) budget. You will also be involved with all budget activities; ensuring proper allocation, timely expenditure, and effective use of all funding. This position is located at Shaw AFB, SC. ARCENT G8 provides professional Title X resource management and financial operations support to Warfighters and Commanders in the theater of operations to ensure they have the right resources at the right time needed to successfully accomplish the mission in a most effective and efficient way, in compliance with the ARCENT CG's guidance and governing statutory laws and fiscal policies. Who May Apply: Current Department of Army Employees in Commuting Area MSP Eligibles in Commuting Area Transfer Eligibles in Commuting Area ICTAP Eligibles VEOA Eligibles

Job Series:



In this position,you will plan policies and procedures for development and implementation of Command's budget. You will manage the DCA General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS), manage end-of-month and quarterly obligation reports, as well as serve a a fund certification officer. You will also manage the use of available funds to support command policies.
  • Evaluate basic program objectives, in order to anticipate support requirements.
  • Analyze the impact of operational missions for projected level of support requirements.
  • Conduct review of funds execution, in order to identify unfinanced requirements.
  • Forecast budgetary trends.
  • Develop policies and procedures to ensure most cost effective methods of purchasing products and services.
  • Implement resources control procedures.
  • Serve as funds certifying officer.
  • Execute the implementation of resource management policies.
  • Plan policies and procedures for development and implementation of Command budget.
  • Provide assistance to staff on budget methods and formats.
  • Provide fund ceilings to staff sections and tenant units.
  • Monitor the execution of funded programs
  • Manage the funds processing for such things as: reimbursable accounts, cost transfers, temporary duty orders, prior year reconciliation, purchase requests, commitments, obligations, etc.
  • Manage the General Fund Enterprise System (GFEBS).
  • Manage end-of-month and quarterly obligation reports.
  • Use Standard Army Finance System (STANFINS).
  • Use Resource Management Tool System.
  • Use Electronic Document Access (EDA).