Budget Analyst

This position is closed. 9/25/2013 12:00:00 AM


Department of the Army


Budget Analysis

  • Evaluate basic program objectives, in order to anticipate support requirements.
  • Analyze the impact of operational missions for projected level of support requirements.
  • Conduct review of funds execution, in order to identify unfinanced requirements.
  • Forecast budgetary trends.
  • Develop policies and procedures to ensure most cost effective methods of purchasing products and services.
  • Implement resources control procedures.
  • Serve as funds certifying officer.
  • Execute the implementation of resource management policies.
  • Plan policies and procedures for development and implementation of Command budget.
  • Provide assistance to staff on budget methods and formats.
  • Provide fund ceilings to staff sections and tenant units.
  • Monitor the execution of funded programs
  • Manage the funds processing for such things as: reimbursable accounts, cost transfers, temporary duty orders, prior year reconciliation, purchase requests, commitments, obligations, etc.
  • Manage the General Fund Enterprise System (GFEBS).
  • Manage end-of-month and quarterly obligation reports.
  • Use Standard Army Finance System (STANFINS).
  • Use Resource Management Tool System.
  • Use Electronic Document Access (EDA).