Cemetery Caretaker Technician

This position is closed. 11/15/2012 12:00:00 AM


Department Of Veterans Affairs


Veterans Affairs, National Cemetery Administration


  • Communicate in a courteous and tactful manner to create an environment of respect for customers.
  • Follow oral and written instructions from supervisor to complete work tasks.
  • Work cooperatively with team members to complete interrelated work tasks.
  • Remove fallen branches, trees, grass, leaves, weeds or other debris to maintain appearance of grounds.
  • Utilize power equipment (e.g., augers, roto-tillers, sod-cutters, tampers) to maintain and renovate grounds.
  • Operate grass trimmers, weed-eaters, and walking mowers to mow and trim grass.
  • Operate riding lawn mowers and small tractors to perform grounds maintenance tasks.
  • Tamp and level soil by utilizing the necessary equipment (e.g., hand tools, power tools).
  • Remove debris (e.g., snow, ice, mud, dust, sand) from paths and driveways using appropriate tools and equipment to clear walkways and transportation routes.
  • Practice standard precautions by wearing personal protective equipment.
  • Operate vehicles and equipment on all terrain types (e.g., fields, roads, hillsides, rough terrain) using established safety precautions and methods.
  • Ensure stability of vehicle and materials by distributing and/or securing loads to be hauled.
  • Operate vehicles (e.g., pick-up trucks, stake trucks) to pick up and/or deliver supplies and equipment.
  • Inspect equipment for deficiencies or failures to identify the need for repairs and perform routine operator preventative maintenance.
  • Use a variety of hand tools (e.g., shovels, picks, wheelbarrows, stone puller, lifting device) to perform landscaping or grounds keeping tasks and/or assist in lifting and moving heavy objects.
  • Operate a variety of power tools (e.g., backpack blower, chainsaws, pressure washers, pneumatic equipment, or other power tools).
  • Read and understand written instructions on the use and maintenance of various tools and equipment.
  • Operate standard office equipment (for example, computer, telephone, typewriter, fax, photocopier, and calculator) to complete work.
  • Utilize word processing and internal computer software programs to create, edit, print, retrieve, or manipulate files.
  • Use database/spreadsheet programs to input data, complete forms, and create charts, tables, or graphs.
  • Make, receive, or transfer telephone calls.
  • Respond orally to inquiries or requests for information to resolve queries.
  • Participate in public affairs and speaking engagements to communicate the agency's mission.
  • Process incoming forms, records, and other documents.
  • Compose correspondence, written reports and news releases.
  • Proofread documents and correspondence to address formatting, grammatical, consistency, or typographical errors.