Director of Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center South

This position is closed. 11/23/2012 12:00:00 AM


Department of the Army


U.S. Army Medical Command


  • This position requires a security clearance at the No-Access level. I have, or am willing to obtain and maintain, the appropriate security clearance.
  • Coordinate electronic and mobile health research initiatives
  • Coordinate research initiatives in medical education and training using distance learning modules
  • Execute telehealth research programs utilizing knowledge of telehealth technologies, wireless communication technologies, and wireless business practices
  • Execute electronic and mobile health research aimed at improving quality of life
  • Evaluate ethical and regulatory requirements for human subjects protection
  • Interpret health care laws and policies for their applicability to telemedicine research
  • Manage the production of staff to meet deadlines
  • Establish objectives for major program areas
  • Implement guidelines for subordinate employees
  • Develop training plans for subordinate employees
  • Develop performance objectives for subordinate employees
  • Develop budget requirements for telehealth research programs
  • Develop program announcements which address research opportunities to meet programmatic goals and objectives
  • Participate on national committees to assist in setting standards for electronic health
  • Write Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) topics to promote research within a telehealth portfolio
  • Provide high level consultation regarding electronic and mobile health research
  • Facilitate collaborative research efforts across multiple agencies/industries for telehealth research initiatives
  • Assist national committees with telehealth policy development
  • Ensure the completion of research milestones to achieve deliverables
  • Review research protocols to determine their clinical validity and relevance
  • Review research proposals to determine the quality of the research
  • Review research proposals for applicability to programmatic goals
  • Identify compromises between the most desirable application of scientific principles and the exigencies of cost, priorities, schedules, and other factors
  • Validate budget requirements for research proposals
  • Serve as technical representative during contract/grant negotiations for telehealth research initiatives
  • Advise contract/grant officer on administering awards
  • Monitor research contracts and grants related to biomedical research projects
  • Administer research contracts and grants in the area of telehealth research programs
  • Coordinate program management decisions
  • Oversee administrative service contracts in support of telehealth research initiatives