Medical Support Assistant (OA)

This position is closed. 12/31/2012 12:00:00 AM


U.S. Army Medical Command


  • Review documentation to obtain additional information and determine patient eligibility for treatment.
  • File results of examination patient charts (i.e., laboratory sheets, rays, electroencephalograms) according to established procedures.
  • Organize patient records to research a variety of physician's orders involving patient activities, diets, tests, and medications.
  • Adhere to regulations and directives concerning the Privacy Act.
  • Review medical record documents for completeness, accuracy, and consistency with medical facility requirements.
  • Receive, relay, and/or answer incoming and outgoing telephone, intercom, and electronic messages.
  • Produce documents with correct grammar, spelling, punctuation and complete forms and reports.
  • Provide preparatory instructions to patients for a variety of medical procedures.
  • Interview patients who request initial treatment or unscheduled examinations.
  • Mediate with disgruntled patients to resolve complaints of an administrative nature.
  • Store and retrieve electronic documents or files from computer.
  • Enter data into a predefined spreadsheet or database for recordkeeping purposes.
  • Utilize word-processing software to create, copy, edit, store, retrieve documents and or print forms, memos, and letters.
  • Search records and extract a variety of information to compile statistical data.
  • Schedule appointments using an automated system.