This position is closed. 11/19/2013 12:00:00 AM


Department Of Veterans Affairs



  • Prepares surfaces by scraping, filling, shaping, leveling with metal and synthetic resins, plastics, and patching compounds; smoothing with pumice, rottenstone, and abrasive compounds and evening out dents and scars by burning-in process.
  • Applies pre-coating agents such as pickling and alkali compounds, and applies specialized coatings, such as catalyzed epoxy, clear and pigmented which are varied and complex in use and application.
  • Installs window glass.
  • Finishes sheetrock when required with little or no assistance.
  • Installs vinyl wall covering.
  • Utilizes accepted trade methods and techniques as well as other guidelines and codes.
  • Independently or as a team member, applies coating materials such as paint, varnish, lacquer, epoxy resin, and vinyl to interior and exterior surfaces using any of the accepted methods of the trade, including special preparation and finishing techniques such as marbling, mottling, etc.
  • Uses spray guns and spraying equipment for flat areas such as walls and ceilings by first spraying, priming, or spray-treating with special pre-coating agents, and then sprays finish coatings with multi-colored coating materials and mixtures which cannot be brushed or roller applied.
  • Applies primers, mixes, and applies pre-coating agents, and applies finish coatings using brushes, rollers, and other tools and devices (some designed to give special effects).
  • Utilizes technical books, manufacturers' manuals, and knowledge of equipment and machines in use.
  • Utilizes VA manuals.
  • Works from building plans, engineering drawings, and maintenance and repair manuals to plan and lay work.
  • Properly cares for tools and materials used.
  • Properly stores tools and materials used.
  • Plans and lays out the work to be done, selects the proper tools, determines materials to be used, and accomplishes the work in accordance with appropriate methods and trade practices.
  • Selects the proper tools to be used.
  • Determines the materials to be used.
  • Accomplishes the work in accordance with appropriate methods and trade practices.
  • Determines the methods, techniques, devices, agents, and materials that are best suited for the surface required, i.e.; flat, glossy, and decorative finishes, or a finish to meet specified texture, thickness, and levels.
  • Exercises sound stewardship practices that are protective of the air, water, land, and other natural and cultural resources, including proper storage, handling, and disposal or recycling of chemicals and wastes associated with the painting trade.
  • Aware of surroundings to ensure that the work areas are clear and safe.