Aviation Safety Inspector, (AW) Partial Program Manager Powerplant

This position is closed. 1/9/2014 12:00:00 AM


Department Of Transportation


Aviation Safety

The partial program manager ( Powerplant ) has primary responsibility for the adequacy of the operations maintenance , preventative maintenance , and alteration programs accomplished on POWERPLANTS OFF WING .
The PPM ( Powerplant ) coordinated with the PPM ( Fleet ) on Airworthiness Directive compliance , Mechanical Reliability Reporting , Mechanical Interruption Summary Reporting , engine removal rates , powerplant related incidents , powerplant training programs , approval and modifications of powerplant maintenance and reliability programs .
The PPM ( Powerplant ) is responsible for certification activities concerning repairs , alterations , and modifications developed and accomplished on powerplants off wing .
When assigned by the Supervisory Principal Inspector , the PPM ( Powerplant ) assists in the technical administration , certification , and surveillance job tasks which are the primary responsibility of the PPM ( Fleet ) .
Within assigned technical program , assures on a continuing basis the organizations are properly and adequately organized , staffed , and equipped ; have and conduct an adequate training program , including an acceptable record keeping system and have facilities and procedures that meet all regulatory requirements .
Has responsibility for initial and ongoing certification of engines and APUs for air carriers , aircraft , and air agencies .
Has responsibility for initial and ongoing certification of airmen .
Makes recommendations on the appointment of designees .
Directs and or performs the inspection and surveillance of the air carrier 's continuous airworthiness engine and APU maintenance program .