Aviation Safety Inspector(AW), Partial Program Manager

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Department Of Transportation


Aviation Safety

The Aviation Safety Inspector ( Maintenance ) Part 121 is assigned a portion of the airworthiness program performing inspections , surveillance , and certification duties for air carriers , air operators , air agencies , airmen and designees .
Has program responsibility to assure that assigned organizations meet Federal Aviation Regulations with respect to maintenance , preventative maintenance , and alteration programs .
Assists in the establishment of work programs for inspection and surveillance .
Under the general direction of the Supervisory Principal Inspector ( Maintenance ) , accomplishes the following Within assigned technical program , assures on a continuing basis that organizations are properly and adequately organized , staffed , and equipped ; have and conduct an adequate training program , including an acceptable record keeping system ; and have facilities and procedures that meet all regulatory requirements .
Regularly visits the organization 's stations and other offices to maintain contact with their management officials ; coordinates with the principal inspector for correction of any deficiencies discrepancies .
Develops maintenance program requirements through participation on Maintenance Review Boards .
Coordinates Minimum Equipment List ( MEL ) approvals with the principal operations inspector .
Takes enforcement action in instances of noncompliance with the MEL .
Is responsible for the conduct of enforcement investigations and preparation of final reports and recommendations on disposition .
Performs or supervises the emergency suspension of certificates or cancellations of operations specifications .
Conducts or directs the reexamination of certificated airmen or recertification of an operator or agency .
Conducts investigations of public complaints , congressional inquiries , and aircraft incidents and accidents .
Provides verbal and or written technical assistance to legal counsel , testifies at court trials and formal hearings , and gives depositions .
Coordinates with geographic inspectors for the accomplishment of nonroutine air carrier surveillance .
Has responsibility for initial and ongoing certification of air carriers , aircraft , airmen , and air agencies .
Makes recommendations on the appointment of designees .
Evaluates requests to operate under conditions not previously specified in the maintenance portion of the operations specifications and approves or disapproves requests and provides additional conditions and limitations as needed .
Provides guidance to the assigned air carrier in the development of required maintenance manuals and record keeping systems .
Reviews and determines adequacy of manuals associated with the air carrier 's maintenance programs and revisions thereto .
Assures that manuals and revisions comply with regulatory requirements , prescribe safe practices , and furnish clear and specific instructions governing maintenance programs .
Approves operations specifications and amendments thereto .
Determines if the maintenance facilities being established or contract arrangements entered into by air carriers for the purpose of overhaul work , major repairs , alterations , and other maintenance are satisfactory .
Reviews changes and negotiates with air carrier management to resolve problems .
Determines if overhaul and inspection time limitations warrant revision .
Evaluates an operator 's proposed reliability programs for compliance with national policies .
Advises operator of deficiencies and required changes .
Approves disapproves reliability programs .
Determines if the air carrier 's training program meets the requirements of the FARs , is compatible with the maintenance program , is properly organized and effectively conducted , and results in trained and competent personnel .
Directs or participates in proving flight evaluations to determine compliance with the FARs .
Recommends changes that will be required prior to approval .