Commissary Support Clerk

This position is closed.



  • Assign a call order number to each order and posts to Call Order register.
  • Ensure the order register reflects inventory balance and adjustments.
  • Perform daily and periodic reconciliation of rollups.
  • Process a variety of accounting documents, such as Report of Deposit (DD Form 707), Vendor Credit Memorandum (VCM), and charge account requests.
  • Prepare Cash Collection Voucher referencing the VC
  • Review billing reports for accuracy, and forward reports for proper signatures.
  • Monitor pricing controls using scanning type bar code labels such Universal Product Code (UPC), European Assigned Numbers locally assigned codes (LAC) National Drug Codes (NDC), National Stock numbers (NSN).
  • Maintain complete pricing integrity of a Grocery department
  • Correct price changes and shelve labels.
  • Conduct inventories to provide pricing and description information for manger.
  • Prepare Collection Data on Dishonored Checks.
  • Operate an electronic check-out system to record unit prices and inventory balances.
  • Perform price look-up and file maintenance for item price changes.
  • Perform daily procedures to activate or deactivate computer system.
  • Maintain records such as computer downtime logs, and repair time information.
  • Transmit order writing data from portable data entry device to a computer.
  • Submit requisitions for needed supplies.
  • Review shipping documents to verify supplies received.
  • Ensure excess equipment is properly identified for disposal.
  • Review invoices against International Merchant Purchase Authorization Card (IMPAC) statement.
  • Prepare property lost and damaged surveys.