Electronics Technician

This position is closed.



  • Performs installations, troubleshooting, repair and calibration of sophisticated electronic systems and networks.
  • Ability to integrate many individually complex units into workable electronic networks/systems.
  • Recommends and implements redesigns, reconfiguration or modifications of operating systems to reduce breakdown or increase accuracy and reliability of electronic systems.
  • Conducts construction inspections to ensure compliance with contracts.
  • Acts as the Contracting Officer's Technical Representative at the facility.
  • Exhibits effective oral and written comminication with a variety of audiences.
  • Provides professional advice to end users complex electronics systems.
  • Participates in negotiations with contractors, vendors and outside agencies.
  • Develops, maintains and prioritizes schedules for multiple projects.
  • Ability to reprioritize projects based on the facility needs and requirements.
  • Understanding of the nature of a complex health care system in order to adapt and react to changing priorities.
  • Ability to adapt, expand, simplify, and resolve conflicts between guidelines and existing conditions.
  • Ability to apply knowledge to solve problems and identify risks in electronic systems while working in a multi-disciplinary groups.
  • Ability to teach maintenance of complex electronic systems and equipment to peers and end users.
  • Experience utilizing a variety of computer software packages to plan, organize, coordinate and excute projects.