Fish Biologist

This position is closed.



  • Plan various studies to evaluate production.
  • Conduct evaluations to improve production efficiency.
  • Familiar with rearing/propagation activities and fish culture requirements.
  • Participate in the capture, spawning and propagation of endangered species.
  • Apply standard methods and techniques necessary to culture endangered fishes according to quotas.
  • Develop and/or adapt new methods and techniques to implement pond culture aquaculture to propagate endangered species.
  • Make management decisions to operate pond systems.
  • Recommend alterations and actions to ensure continued success of propagation efforts.
  • Solve issues related to pond culture fish rearing.
  • Manage water quality to enhance fish rearing performance.
  • Test water quality and manipulate water chemistry for optimal performance.
  • Make disease diagnosis and treatment recommendations on endangered fishes.
  • Implement treatment recommendations taking precautions to protect system and reduce spread of disease.
  • Compile, analyze and interpret data on feeding records, fish conversion rates and field studies.
  • Use various computer programs for data and information storage, management and retrieval.
  • Prepare reports on findings.
  • Perform maintenance on fish culture equipment.
  • Maintain records of maintenance actions and provide recommendations to supervisor.