Fish Biologist

This position is closed.



  • Prepare fish for shipment or distribution and assist with stocking activities.
  • Plan, schedule, and make fish distribution trips.
  • Apply knowledge of fish tagging methods.
  • Conduct studies of various factors affecting fish populations such as food conditions, population balance, chemical and biological factors, and quality of spawning areas.
  • Maintain specialized fish management equipment such as boats, outboard motors, and electrofishing gear.
  • Apply fish culture techniques and procedures for the production of threatened and endangered fish species.
  • Assist in spawning, rearing, harvesting and inventory of fish.
  • Operate and maintain fish culture equipment.
  • Maintain water quality monitoring equipment.
  • Assist in program planning, budget preparation and execution of the planned programs by gathering data, making recommendations, and summarizing information.
  • Assist in the development of fish stocking schedules.
  • Ensure proper maintenance of grounds, buildings, and hatchery equipment.
  • Operate small motorized watercraft.
  • Collect data from rearing, maintenance, and production projects and technical studies.
  • Manage fish production and distribution data collection and record keeping.
  • Observe fish for signs of stress or disease and initiate appropriate steps to alleviate stress or treat disease.
  • Use automated data processing equipment.
  • Conduct water quality monitoring.
  • Maintain records of fish production and distribution.
  • Write routine reports concerning hatchery management and technical studies.
  • Prepare reports and papers concerning fish populations and fish management techniques.
  • Prepare correspondence in response to public inquiries and other conservation groups.
  • Compute and record conversion data and other dietary growth information.
  • Make appearances at clubs and groups to explain fish culture and conservation programs.
  • Provide fish technical assistance to various local, state, and Federal agencies as needed.
  • Provide information to interested groups or officials.
  • Work well with others from diverse backgrounds and across levels in the agency or organization.