Health System Administrator (Associate Director)

This position is closed.



  • Manages Projects from beginning to end.
  • Develops and implements policies.
  • Review final work products to assure completeness.
  • Understands and applies VA budget, capital asset management, business processes.
  • Understanding of VA and DoD policies/cultures and players.
  • Understands the operations , issues and perspectives of all VHA clinical programs.
  • Ensures appropriate medical record documentation monitoring mechanisms are maintained for record review and problem identification and resolution.
  • Understands Performance Improvement and Quality Management principles.
  • Understands the rules of eligibility and enrollment.
  • Understands role of measurement in improvement efforts.
  • Understands human behavior in organizations and team functioning.
  • Understands data management and use in performance improvement.
  • Understanding/interpretation/application of regulations and monitoring compliance of same.
  • Understands the latest developments of technology and their impact on patient care.
  • Understands federal regulations pertaining to contracting for clinical services.
  • Understands fee basis care.
  • Understands the impact of existing facility construction projects on interruption of patient services, utility shutdowns, impact on employee working conditions, etc.
  • Appropriate plans measures to take during construction to mitigating any adverse impacts.
  • Understands contracting goals for small business (8a), minority and women contractors.
  • Achieves department goals for purchases from small, minority, women and veteran owned business.
  • Understands federal rules and regulations as they pertain to federal personnel management, (performance management, labor relations, position management, recruitment and retention, workforce and succession planning, OWCP, rewards and recognition, disciplinary procedures, pay and leave administration.
  • Understands the provisions of Title
  • Ensures the elements of the High Performance Development Model are implemented.
  • Has a working knowledge of VER
  • Has a working knowledge of CARE
  • Has a basic understanding of the federal budget and accounting process.
  • Understand the healthcare industry from a financial perspective.
  • Understand resource allocation.
  • Utilizes a range of approaches including contracts, sharing agreements, etc.