Histopathology Technician

This position is closed.



  • Prepare tissue specimens for microscopic study by pathologists.
  • Cut embedded tissue samples.
  • Prepare and stain cytology specimens.
  • Cut paraffin sections from surgical, autopsy, and research specimens.
  • Perform complex staining procedures, which illustrate tissue components.
  • Perform complex staining procedures, which illustrate microorganisms.
  • Initiate corrective actions to improperly handled histology and cytology specimens.
  • Prepare frozen sections of surgical material, including sectioning and staining.
  • Perform special stains such as Trichrome, Mucicarmine, AFB (acid-fast bacilli), PAS (Periodic Acid-Schiff), PAS with Digestion, Methenamine Silvers, Reticulin, Grams Stain, etc.
  • Process special tissue samples such as gout specimens and non-formalin fixed tissues.
  • Create Hematoxylin and Eosin (H&E) stained slides.
  • Troubleshoot inconsistent staining in H&E stained slides.
  • Prepare cell blocks, smears, and cytospin preps for cytology specimens.
  • Use appropriate fixation solutions (e.g., formalin, formaldehyde, alcohol, Bouin's, 5, Decal, etc.) that are essential to demonstrate the entity to be studied.
  • Identify tissue structure for proper orientation in embedding process.
  • Orient tissue samples precisely during embedding.
  • Document observations of body anomalies.
  • Assist Pathologists and Residents throughout the autopsy examination by removing Nasal Gastric (G) & feeding tubes, IVs, and Foley catheters.
  • Take body measurements, measures and record weights of organs and volumes of fluids removed from body.
  • Assist in cutting the body open using scalpel and assist in removal of body organs.
  • Independently remove organs such as the brain, large & small intestines, bladder, prostate, etc.
  • Return organs to body cavity and seal the body post autopsy.