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Small Business Administration
Full Time - Multiple Appointment Types
Herndon, Virginia
$89,924 to $116,901
Construction Analyst: As a Supervisory Construction Analyst, you will work under the direct supervision of the Operations Manager. You will review policy issuances from the ODA and determine what changes will be necessary to bring current practic ...
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Department of the Navy
U.S. Marine Corps
Quantico, Virginia
$60,000 to $65,000
Social Science: Serves as the Command Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC) and recognized program expert.  Provides direct oversight for an integrated and transparent response capability and system accountability for sexual assau ...
Department Of Commerce
Patent and Trademark Office
Alexandria, Virginia
$0 to $0
General Student Trainee: Duties may include research and review of patent applications, brief management officials on technology content, devise search strategies, draft non-final office actions, conduct prior art searches, propose an engineering po ...
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Department Of Veterans Affairs
Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration
Salem, Virginia
$82,642 to $107,434
Social Work: Administrative control over this position rests with the Associate Chief, Mental Health Service Line (MHSL) as does final judgment concerning the quality and appropriateness of the services provided.  A. Program Managem ...
Department Of Veterans Affairs
Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration
Hampton, Virginia
$66,055 to $96,299
Nurse: Duties and Responsibilities: Duties include, but are not limited to the following: 1. Responsible and accountable to the  Chief Nurse , SCI/D and is responsible for directing and controlling nursing personnel assigned t ...
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Department Of Veterans Affairs
Department of Veterans Affairs - Agency Wide
$57,982 to $75,396
Social Work: Intensive mental health services in serious, complex, cases often referred by other disciplines or multi disciplinary team members  -  Interviews clients and conducts Psychosocial Assessments - Makes Psychosocial D ...
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Department Of Veterans Affairs
Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration
$31,628 to $41,122
Medical Support Assistance: The Medical Support Assistant is an integral part of the of the Patient Aligned Care Team (PACT) in effectively carrying out day-to-day administrative operations of the Charleston WV clinic.  The Medical Support Assista ...
Department Of The Treasury
Internal Revenue Service
Richmond, Virginia
$84,314 to $121,136
: As a Revenue Officer Technical Advisor you will:Conduct research, interviews and investigations and make technical decisions based on the information obtained.Have extensive face-to-face personal contacts with taxpayers, att ...
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Department Of Transportation
Federal Aviation Administration
Leesburg, Virginia
$75,528 to $117,056
: Serves in a supervisory role responsible for clerical, administrative and professional staff at an EnRoute facility. The incumbent oversees the planning, developing, monitoring, and execution of actions to provide a full ran ...
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Department of the Air Force
HQ USAF and Support Elements
Arlington, Virginia
$89,924 to $116,901
Management And Program Analysis: This is a Centrally Managed Position in the Communications & Informations Career Field          Develops and manages AF-wide policy, strategies, and other guidance necessary to ach ...