Medical Technician (Phlebotomy)

This position is closed.



  • Serve as phlebotomist in the collection, processing, and distribution of the required blood specimens from hospitalized bed patients, ambulatory patients, and outpatients.
  • Draw blood from difficult vein sites in order to provide various laboratory departments with properly collected specimens.
  • Schedule and perform venipunctures associated with tolerance tests, time tests, "stat" tests, and routine requests throughout the hospital
  • Process and accession laboratory orders through a computerized patient records system.
  • Access computerized patient records systems to assist with questions regarding existing lab orders, test results, specimen status, etc.
  • Provide hospital staff with laboratory information through computerized patient records systems and direct questions to appropriate departments.
  • Process blood, urine, and other body fluid specimens as necessary for testing, including centrufigation, aliquoting, and determination of adequate specimens.
  • Aware of proper collection, processing, and storage of various specimens received by the laboratory, as well as the ability to identify which specimens may need to be rejected due to insufficient quantity, leaking, etc.
  • Provide first aid assistance to patients suffering from adverse reactions to phlebotomies.
  • Draw blood from various venous sites.
  • Ability to perform a high volume of venipunctures per day.
  • Determine accuracy of glucometer results using defined procedures and control standards.
  • Perform glucometer patient testing, quality control testing, maintenance, and patient education for proper meter use.
  • Report any problems with glucometers immediately to the Point of Care Testing Coordinator.
  • Communicate with veterans and their families using tact, professionalism, and diplomacy.