Optometrist (Industrial)

This position is closed.



  • Perform general optometric examination and diagnosis.
  • Use diagnostic and therapeutic pharmaceutical agents.
  • Evaluate and resolve visual ergonomic problems in industrial work areas.
  • Perform pre- and post-surgical evaluations and follow-up care for patients.
  • Perform clinical procedures such as binocular vision status determination, ocular and adnexal health evaluation, anterior segment, and fundus photography with interpretation.
  • Perform non-invasive management of lid conditions, including the care of external eye injuries, corneal abrasion, keratitis, uveitis, cataract and other anterior segment disorders.
  • Perform contact lens management.
  • Utilize laser systems such as range finding, target designators, and non-lethal laser weapons.
  • Develop and provide guidance, methods, and procedures for personnel engaged in eye-hazardous duties and environments.
  • Assess the need for changes in policies and/or procedures to improve patient care.
  • Provide in-service training to health care professionals on eye care issues.
  • Organize and conduct specialty clinics in Occupational/Industrial eye care programs.
  • Perform and interpret Ocular imaging studies.
  • Screen employees to make determinations for a wide range of jobs for which vision standards have been established.
  • Perform primary and specialized vision procedures to obtain findings and evaluate eye/vision standards.
  • Train ophthalmic technicians on basic optometric assessment and education.