Public Health Analyst - NIAID - MP

This position is closed.



  • Interagency Career Transition Assistance Plan (ICTAP)/Career Transition Assistance Plan (CTAP)
  • Plan and design public health studies or research projects on public health issues.
  • Conduct studies or research projects on public health issues.
  • Analyze public health study results to identify gaps in scientific knowledge for policymakers.
  • Monitor the impact of legislative proposals on public health programs.
  • Develop criteria to evaluate the efficacy of public health programs or initiatives.
  • Work with evaluators to conduct public health program evaluations.
  • Summarize key public health research findings and results in written scientific reports.
  • Utilize electronic database to monitor and analyze public health data.
  • Analyze the impact of policy and legislative initiatives that are relevant to the delivery of public health programs.
  • Provide recommendations on future research efforts based on statistical analyses.
  • Prepare statistical summaries on health issues for comprehensive reports.
  • Monitor organizational funding allocations to ensure programs are within resource limits.
  • Analyze research trends to make recommendations for continued funding for public health programs.
  • Develop evaluation plans to determine progress in reaching research program goals and objectives.
  • Develop strategic or action plans for public health research organizations.
  • Evaluate the overall effectiveness of a public health program.
  • Conduct strategic planning activities within a public health research organization.
  • Advise senior scientists on emerging scientific areas that are relevant to organizational research.
  • Research information for distribution to the general public on scientific or public health initiatives.
  • Work with internal organizations on public health issues.
  • Prepare briefing materials for senior staff to present at policymaking public health meetings.
  • Develop critical information on the progress of public health programs for dissemination.
  • Lead advisory planning committees or workgroups to discuss public health programs.