Purchasing Agent - NCI - MP

This position is closed.



  • Interagency Career Transition Assistance Plan (ICTAP)/Career Transition Assistance Plan (CTAP)
  • Apply established procurement policies and procedures when conducting purchasing activities.
  • Identify the most appropriate procurement regulations and policies for the type of purchasing activity.
  • Develop statements of work.
  • Develop procurement-related documents, such as specifications and justifications.
  • Collect and verify facts needed to make decisions.
  • Balance needs and desires with available resources and constraints.
  • Evaluate quotes against purchase requirements
  • Verify the accuracy of information to resolve inconsistencies.
  • Seek additional resources when gaps and inconsistencies in the information are identified.
  • Investigate data from various sources to identify trends.
  • Monitor contract award status.
  • Review contract changes or cancellations.
  • Evaluate the acceptance of equivalent or replacement items.
  • Evaluate fluctuations in rates of usage, availability from established suppliers, and use of alternative sources of supply.
  • Validate conventional purchasing practices by tracking changes in cost, availability from suppliers, frequency of intervention in procurement process, or other similar indicators.
  • Identify appropriate type of purchases before placing an order.
  • Use most appropriate purchase techniques when ordering.
  • Reconcile purchase credit card statement to ensure receipt and accurate billing information