Senior Public Health and Science Policy Advisor-NIDDK-MP

This position is closed.



  • Interagency Career Transition Assistance Plan (ICTAP)/Career Transition Assistance Plan (CTAP)
  • Analyze Public Health Nutrition policies, laws, and programmatic issues to determine their impact on programs.
  • Analyze and evaluate aspects of research pertaining to Nutrition Policy and Public Health.
  • Identify and recommend ways to enhance research pertaining to Nutrition research and Policy.
  • Identify gaps in public health nutrition research.
  • Make evidenced based policy recommendations regarding public health nutrition research.
  • Develop research initiatives in response to changes in levels of funding or legislative and program changes.
  • Establish criteria and standards for others to follow in planning, reviewing, and evaluating research programs.
  • Recommend the program direction for new research initiatives.
  • Make evidenced based policy recommendations regarding public health research.
  • Coordinate with other research organizations to avoid duplication of research and promote leveraging of research funds.
  • Prepare reports or other documents summarizing scientific initiatives or science topics for presentation to high level officials.
  • Develop written policies related to biomedical research/public health policy.
  • Prepare scientific or policy information (e.g., reports, briefings) for readers with non-medical backgrounds.
  • Analyze research literature and public information to prepare analytical reports.
  • Prepare and edit briefing documents and technical reports for use in reporting to senior officials.
  • Make presentations of complex scientific or technical information and recommendations to senior officials.
  • Collect and analyze statistical, fiscal, and scientific research data.
  • Interpret policies and regulations pertaining to the biomedical /public health research programs.
  • Participate in the development and implementation of strategic plans for Nutritional Science Public Health and policy research.
  • Perform portfolio analyses and literature reviews in the area of Nutritional Science and Public Health and Policy.
  • Conduct analyses to identify gaps in scientific research.
  • Indentify problems and modify or create new procedures to resolve those problems.
  • Evaluate research programs in relation to the broader research community.
  • Organize scientific meetings, conferences or workshops including recruiting keynote speakers.
  • Present results of research analyses or gap analyses related to Nutrition Science and Public Health/Policy to stakeholders.
  • Provide input into the development of strategic plans for researching Nutrition Sciences and Public Health.
  • Develop written policies regarding Nutrition science and/or Public Health policy research.
  • Interpret policies and regulations pertaining to Nutrition Sciences research and planning.