Supervisory Contract Specialist

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  • I have/held a Federal Contracting Officers Warrant.
  • I am/was a Federal Contracting Officers Representative.
  • I have/held line management responsibility for managing areas of contract performance.
  • I conduct Contract Source Selection (contract placement).
  • I conduct or have conducted a competitive negotiated acquisition using Federal Acquisition Regulations Part 15 procedures in a contract specialist or contracting officer role.
  • Coach and mentor staff to achieve desired results.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a complete project or program goal.
  • Follow-up with team members to ensure timeliness in meeting milestones.
  • Plan work assignments and assign to team members.
  • Resolve conflict, differences or problems among team members.
  • Review completed work for technical adequacy and timeliness.
  • Develop and implemented new processes or procedures to perform the following project-implementation tasks.
  • Set work priorities and monitor project progress.
  • Determine project resource requirements.
  • Serve as an advisor to management regarding acquisition issues, inter/intra agency agreements, financial assistance, acquisition information support systems, or highly complex acquisition actions.
  • Perform the propriety and legality review on pre-award acquisition packages and post-award modifications, to ensure conformance with regulations.
  • Perform the propriety and legality review on protests/disputes, requests for approvals, solicitations and proposed contract awards, to ensure conformance with regulations.
  • Perform contracting actions including acquisition planning and strategy, assembling, writing and issuing federal solicitations, evaluating proposal, and preparing procurement policy and procedures.
  • Perform contracting actions including conducting cost and price analysis, source selection, negotiation, contract award, contract administration, contract close-out, and system oversight.
  • Monitor contractor performance for progress/problem areas.
  • Administer firm fixed-price contracts (with economic price adjustment, incentive with re-determination), cost and cost sharing, cost-plus (incentive fee, fixed fee, award fee), time and material, letter contract, or indefinite delivery contracts.
  • Perform pre-award through close-out contracting duties involved in diverse customer requirements covering a wide range of products, technical services, and/or equipment.
  • Prepare invitations for bids, requests for proposals, or requests for quotations, including all attachments and file documentation required to support the action.
  • Prepare contract and file documentation to support a competitive and sole source award decision, including negotiation and contract award documentation.
  • Prepare and defend competitive ranges, source selection decisions, and protest files.
  • Take part in administration of financial assistance including negotiations, award of assistance, and close-out procedures.
  • Perform various contract management tasks such as preparing independent cost estimates or budget plans.
  • Award complex commercial and non-commercial contracts that comply with Federal contracting regulations, principles and procedures.
  • Apply Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and applicable procedures for selecting and awarding procurement ranging from simplified acquisition to complex/high dollar value contracting.
  • Prepare and issue Federal Invitation for Bids (IFBs) or Request for Proposals (RFPs) for supplies or services.
  • Work with Program/Project Offices in developing an acquisition strategy for future procurement requirements.
  • Prepare administrative, unilateral, and bilateral contract modifications and amendments.
  • Write procurement plans, requests for proposals, determination of findings, IDS or quotations, contract documents, source selection document, competitive sourcing plans/justifications, pre-award surveys, or awards/modifications.
  • Write negotiation reports, pre-negotiation memorandums, unique clauses for complex solicitations, or proposals.
  • Write policies, procedures, interpretations of new laws, policies and/or requirements, organization's manual and acquisition policy and procedures issuances.
  • Contact technical personnel to resolve questions of applicability of specifications, classifications of terms, or acceptance of substitute items.
  • Negotiate with others to reach agreement, settlement, consensus, compliance or a solution.
  • Conduct complex negotiations in a professional manner and in compliance with current applicable regulations and case law.
  • Provide customers with acquisition support and information needed to accomplish their mission.
  • Analyze highly complex and controversial acquisition or financial assistance issues and issue written recommendations to senior management.
  • Evaluate bids or proposals for compliance with specifications or purchase descriptions and applicable clauses.
  • Analyze problems and determines the best approach within established policies, procedures, and/or regulations.
  • Review and evaluate proposed contract work plans.
  • Evaluate applications for federal assistance.
  • Gather and evaluate acquisition information and prepares written reports and documents with recommendations to management for solving issues or problems.
  • Evaluate contract performance on previous contracts by considering financial capability of suppliers.
  • Perform and conduct an analysis to document/justify whether a Federal Invitation for Bids (IFBs) or Request for Proposals (RFPs) should or should not be set aside for small business.
  • Review requisitions to determine that proper specifications or purchase descriptions are included in solicitation documents.
  • Analyze issues and recommend method of procurement (e.g., commercial item, competitive, non-competitive, etc.) selecting clauses to cover special conditions such as inspection and acceptance, marking and packaging, quantity variation, price differential, or transportation costs.
  • Perform financial assistance planning and strategy.