Supervisory Fish Biologist

This position is closed.



  • Oversees the production of salmon and other species for use in restoration and/or recovery stocking.
  • Directs or trains hatchery personnel in the proper methods and techniques of fish cultural operation including the operation and maintenance of water supplies and well pumps.
  • Develops and refines aquaculture techniques to rehabilitate the species being raised for specific environments.
  • Recommends production methods, numbers, and other necessary management involving broodstock, egg collection, and incubation.
  • Ensure spawning, rearing, harvest, disease detection and treatment are performed according to current aquaculture procedures.
  • Observe fish for signs of disease or stress and initiates appropriate action.
  • Produces and maintains river-specific salmon at the sizes and life stages prescribed by the management plan.
  • Applies aquaculture techniques and the principles of fishery ecology and biology to resolve complex biological problems associated with fish production.
  • Computes and establishes rations for optimum conversion and survival.
  • Conducts fish inventories to weigh, sort, and sample fish.
  • Provides technical advice on fish propragation issues.
  • Delivers public presentation on aquaculture conservation or restoration programs and policies.
  • Develops and initiates partnerships with likeminded agencies, private organizations, or individuals to achieve important resource priorities with a watershed.
  • Coordinates the work of other offices, Federal cooperators, or others on on-the-ground recovery and restoration activities.
  • Develops and implements strategic and operating plans for a fish hatchery.
  • Plans and directs fish cultural operations and related work schedules to meet broodstock production goals.
  • Maintains records concerning broodstock and spawning, including information on genetics.
  • Assists in the planning and analysis of review of fishery restoration and recovery activities.
  • Compiles, prepares, and maintains a budget to cover annual operating costs.
  • Develops and implements outreach plans to advocate and promote fish hatchery, restoration, and/or restocking related programs.
  • Provides technical advice on fish propagation issues.
  • Plans, assigns, and reviews work of subordinate or lower-graded employees.
  • Approves work schedules and leave.
  • Establishes performance standards and evaluates employees against the development standards.
  • Hears and resolves informal employee complaints.
  • Identifies employee training needs and arranges for training.