Supervisory Medical Supply Technician

This position is closed.



  • Select correct sterilizing medium and cycles and operating sterilizer.
  • Aerate gas-sterilized items for correct period of time.
  • Decontaminate the various reusable medical supplies and equipment.
  • Use the appropriate method for removing gross contamination.
  • Develops, updates, revises and/or adds new procedures and/or policies that relate to the SPD operations.
  • Works closely with others for development of policies and procedures that cover the Central Sterile Supply.
  • Train medical personnel in the proper use of equipment.
  • Advise medical personnel on the availability and economical use of supplies and equipment, appropriate sizes, and possible substitues
  • Assists the chief with responding to inquiries from outside regulatory agencies.
  • Schedule and assign tasks to ensure consistent coverage of all duties.
  • Approve request for leave.
  • Monitor amount, accuracy and timeliness of production of work.
  • Interview and assist in selecting candidates.