Supervisory Program Analyst

This position is closed.



  • Analyzing and evaluating qualitative and quantitative analysis, for assessing program effectiveness and advising management.
  • Conducts comprehensive studies to provide rapid responses to urgent questions from agency and other external sources.
  • Reviews and analyzes studies for adequacy of methodology to ensure that techniques are valid and appropriate to the problem, alternative strategies have been considered, assumptions made, and conclusions drawn are analytically sound.
  • Investigates new test methods and approaches, proposes new strategies, and develops policies and procedures.
  • Experience of methods and requirements for testing systems in an operational environment with precedents that are few, non-existent, or vaguely applicable.
  • Experience as an analysis of management and execution of Element and/ or System Tests, processes, policies, and procedures
  • Ability to advise on, and develops valid and appropriate test strategies as well as Test policies and plans.
  • Assist in the preparation of test policies and guidance for the overall Ballistic Defense System (BMDS) Test Program.
  • Ability to identify and resolve testing program problems.
  • Analyzing, define, integrate, and recommend testing procedures/systems for complex weapon systems
  • Assist in monitoring the BMD System Test Program to identify the need for new or revised policies and guidance and test resources and personnel to ensure it supports assessment activities.
  • Plans organize and conduct investigations and analyses of test and assessment processes, performance, and overall methodologies for complex weapons and materiel systems.
  • Assigns work to subordinates based on priorities, difficulty of assignments, and the capability of employees; provides technical oversight and instruction on administrative matters.
  • Experience with developing performance plans and rate of employees; interviews candidates for subordinate positions; recommends hiring, promotion, or reassignment; takes disciplinary measures, such as warnings and reprimands.
  • Provide and arrange needed development and training for employees as well as identifying developmental and training needs of employees
  • Facilitates the sharing of test information, capabilities, and information between and across MD
  • Advises management on program decisions often made under conditions of uncertainty arising from a lack of current experience and knowledge, conflicts in objectives, the variety of possible alternatives, and/or the failure of current systems to meet their goals.
  • Ability to communicate to different senior levels within the Agency and OSD in writings and briefings.