Supervisory Readjustment Counseling Therapist

This position is closed.



  • Develops and manages a clinic's budget and program funds.
  • Initiates and recommends all personnel decisions and develops performance standards for staff.
  • Provides quality assurance of client record keeping and data reporting.
  • Initiates ongoing training program for readjustment counseling therapists, social workers and psychologists.
  • Serves as a consultant on an ongoing basis to staff at a medical center.
  • Conducts interviews/counsels clients.
  • Provides psychological assessment and treatment to clients including crisis interventions and conducts psychodiagnostic testing.
  • Provides individual, group, conjoint and family therapy; biofeedback; relaxation training and other therapeutic intervention strategies.
  • Independently provides highly skilled readjustment counseling services to clients with difficult and complex problems of social, emotional and vocational adjustment.
  • Organizes counseling groups and functions as facilitator or therapist for counseling groups.
  • Skill and experience in public relations and public education.
  • Develops and maintains a working relationship with staff at a support facility, leaders of city, county and state health care and/or social welfare delivery systems.
  • Conducts outreach activities with veterans, community and service organizations, business and industry, professionals and/or the public.
  • Provides community education on topics related to individuals for the general public, professional groups, veterans groups and the media.
  • Plans work to be accomplished by subordinates and sets guidelines for clinical, therapeutic and treatment priorities.
  • supervises social/psychological assessments.
  • supervises other client treatment; individual, group, conjoint and family therapy; biofeedback; relaxation training and other therapeutic intervention strategies.
  • Provides supervision for team members conducting group counseling.
  • Ensures qualified professionals and paraprofessionals on the team provides state-of-the-art treatment programs in readjustment counseling.
  • Provides assessments and counsels combat veterans relevant to the identification of and in aid of treatment for PTSD symptoms.
  • Provides crisis intervention, stabilization and follow-up to individuals and their significant others. (Crises situations may involve intervention in potential suicide, assault, homicide, barricade and hostage situations.)
  • Experience in the special emotional and maladaptive disorder problems and awareness of historical precipitating factors.
  • Assists with problems facing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, personal emotional instability, family alienation and maladaptive behavior, marital discord, difficulties associated with the development of intimate relationships and/or problems in maintaining satisfactory employment.