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Your Federal resume is the first impression you will make, conveying years of education and experience on several sheets of paper, which may only receive a few minutes of attention from a hiring manager.

Your Resume Must Address Hiring Competencies

Our professional writing team can analyze your position of choice, identify the competencies and skills that the employer is seeking, and design a set of documents that showcases your unique qualifications for the position.

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A great writer can add impact, stress action and accomplishment, and separate you from the crush of candidates.

A Compelling Narrative

We will blend your experience, skills and education so as to accent the intended competencies of your selected position and to create a compelling narrative for you.

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Our Job Factor Analysis Tool and our KSA database will allow you to research a postion in a way that is not possible anywhere else.

The More You Know...

The Job Factor tool is based on the actual documents which Federal hiring managers use when classifying and grading postions before being posted. It is a hierarchical breakdown of how GS Levels are scored across multiple factors. The more you know about a job, its career trajectory, and what hiring managers are looking for in that field, the more prepared you will be in an interview.

Our Committment:

To Results...

We have helped over 5,000 candidates since 2005. Our research indicates that nearly nine out of ten of our clients is selected for an interview.

We find most candidates do not give themselves full credit for the many skills they have mastered, or the context in which they were executed.

That is true for two key reasons. The first is that many resume job descriptions are written from memory, or cut and pasted unchanged, without regards to the position being targeted. And Two - perhaps the bigger reason, is that jobseekers simply do not know which experience should be emphasized.

Our deep knowledge of how Federal jobs are graded and classified is your advantage. Our writers have access to the Federal documents which hiring managers use to determine and justify the grade level for each job posted. Using these critical documents, we can identify skills which you posess, which may not be currently highlighted in your resume.

To A Collaborative Process..

You will work with your writer directly, sharing your career objectives and explaining your skills and accomplishments. Your writer will then draw on their knowledge of the Federal hiring process to decypher the main competencies that the hiring manager is targeting in the vacancy announcement. Together you will focus your skills and accomplishments, with the aid of a superb wordsmith, and present an error-free, action-word driven, targeted document.

To Your Satisfaction...

We stand behind our work. If you are not satisfied with the results of your Federal Job search within 12 weeks, we will re-write your resume absolutely free of charge, with another talented writer from our staff.

We are committed to standing behind you throughout the hiring process.

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